Wildfit Reviews

WildFit Reviews – WildFit by Mindvalley is a 90-day program that transforms your health and helps you lose weight easily by working with your brain’s relationship with food.

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Wildfit Reviews

Wildfit – Is Eric Edmeades’ WildFit Program Worth it?
Product Name Wildfit
Creator Eric Edmeades
Pros 100% Effective / Change your food habits & helps you achieve optimal weight.
Refund Policy 15 days money-back guarantee
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What is Wildfit?

Wildfit is all about returning to eating the way that was intended by Mother Nature. This program is based on revolutionizing the relationship between you and your food habits. It is a 90-day program designed to help you improve your overall health.

This 90-day journey is called the Wildfit food freedom challenge. It consists of steps that you have to follow daily for several weeks.

The program is based on nutritional principles combined with behavioral change techniques that give you the freedom to eat whatever you want.

It helps people embrace the way they look and the lifestyle that they lead. They suggest that every person has a particular way of eating, which makes it possible for them to have an optimal life.

Wildfit provides individuals freedom of food, techniques to understand their food behavior, eating according to the seasons, and much more.

If you’re looking for a way to naturally enhance the way you look and feel about yourself, Wildfit is the program meant for you.

Unlike other programs, Wildfit is based on ancient wisdom and is a compilation of years of research, analysis, testing, and years of efforts that the creator of the formula has put in.

Wildfit has helped several men and women to transform their lives for the better and live a new and healthy life.

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How does Wildfit work?

Wildfit is a unique program based on scientific facts and evidence. This program has been designed to help individuals make simple positive changes in health.

Unlike other conventional diet and exercise programs, Wildfit brings to you a scientifically proven array of method that does not require you to make extreme changes in your diet or lifestyle.

Recent numbers show that when people try to lose weight using diet programs, they might end up gaining 3 lbs extra for every diet program they try.

The reason why Wildfit works so well is that the program is based on a principle that they encourage everyone to follow. This principle states that “every living thing has a natural diet”, this suggests that, to have a long and healthy life, it is necessary to adhere to your natural diet.

The program is based on evolutionary history, anthropology, and hunter-gatherer techniques that help to figure out the perfect diet that is built around your eating habits.

The program works in a 90-day series. The first two weeks are dedicated to understanding your eating habits and enabling you to adopt healthy habits.

The creator of this program combines the power of behavioral psychology along with its principles and kickstarts your body transformation using techniques that can help you maintain the effect of this program permanently. Hence, the Wildfit program works by transforming your relationship with food.

The Wildfit program is an excellent option for individuals who want to have healthy weight loss and enhance their overall life and well-being.

What are the benefits of Wildfit?

  • It helps you feel decades younger.

  • It increases levels of energy.

  • It reduces the risk of health conditions that come with an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • It supports healthy weight loss.

  • It reduces aches and pain and provides healthy joints.

  • It enhances mood and provides mental stability.

  • It helps you to feel good in your skin.

  • It helps to improve overall health by adopting certain habits.

  • It helps you understand the correct ways to boost your health.

  • It reduces the risk of diseases and ailments.

  • It boosts overall well-being and immunity.

  • It teaches you the correct foods to teach for each season.

  • It busts several myths about foods.

  • It enhances your food choices to boost your sex drive, libido, and desire.

  • It reduces stress and anxiety.

  • It helps individuals who have health conditions to enhance their lives and reduce their symptoms.

Wildfit Program 

What are the components of Wildfit?

The Wildfit program comes with a 90-day curriculum that you can follow from the comfort of your home. 

The real-time coaching that lasts for three months has been designed to change your food habits and help you achieve optimal weight. 

The following things have been included in the program’s curriculum. The program consists of 3 different parts that have been mentioned below:

Part one: In this part, you discover the true needs of your body.

  • The program lasts for two weeks and consists of a weekly call with a certified coach.

  • It is simply meant to create an understanding of the relationship between you and food.

  • It consists of information related to six forms of human hunger and ways to neutralize them.

Part 2: It consists of ways to lose weight which has been built around your natural eating habits.

  • This last for weeks 3 to 10 and includes two coaching videos per week along with a weekly coaching call from the certified coach.

  • This part of the program enables you to make small dietary changes.

  • This phase helps you to improve your health by enhancing sleep, energy, vitality, focus, fewer mood swings, weight correction, and much more.

Part 3: It helps in releasing weight and maintaining progress effectively.

  • This program lasts for weeks 11 and 12, in which you get access to two videos per week and a weekly coaching call.

  • It also covers week 13, where you get access to daily coaching videos and a call with a certified coach.

  • Ways to adapt to seasonal changes following the principles of Wildfit.

  • A tribe that is present 24*7 to help you feel your concerns and equip you with the necessary tools.

  • You get better, and the results keep improving.

An overview of how the program proceeds and what you get has been mentioned below:

  • Complete access to the Wildfit 90-day in-depth program.

  • Coaching on nutrition and behavioral changes.

  • All the guides, tools, support, and other things that you may require to follow the program with ease.

WildFit Review


  • The program is accessible from your personal computer, tablet, smartphone, and Apple TV.

  • The program is extremely easy to follow, and it’s built around your eating habits.

  • It provides you with the freedom of food and helps to maintain mental health.

  • It promotes healthy weight loss, reverses the signs of premature aging, and heals all the aches and pains.

  • The program is 100% tested and reviewed by so many people who have successfully reversed aging and improved food choices.


  • The program can be purchased from the official website only.

  • If you have health conditions, you can consult a doctor before you start using the program.

  • It might take time to heal because the creator believes in quality results and not the speed of the results.

  • It works if you follow the program with consistency.

Wildfit Before & After Results

What is the cost of Wildfit?

The Wildfit program is a one-of-a-kind weight loss and nutritional program that can be purchased from their official website. The program comes at a one-time discounted payment that can be paid once or in installments. The best part about the program is that it is completely digital and can be accessed from any device of your choice.

  • The Wildfit Program is available for a one-time payment of $899.00.

  • The Wildfit Program can be purchased and paid for in three installments, starting at $349.00. (Click Here to Official Website)

The Wildfit program is backed by a 15-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try the product for 2 weeks, and if, for some reason, you aren’t able to get the results that have been promised, all you have to do is initiate the refund process.

One-click and you can refund your own money. No calls or emails ate required. In addition, if you decide to carry on and complete the whole program, you get access to all the updates in the future for free and lifetime access to the program.

Wildfit Customer Reviews:

“Eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter because he knows how to instantly connect with the audience. 

He also has an uncanny ability to get into the minds of the audience, figure out what is more important to them, and then deliver powerfully influential stories to move them to action.”

“Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business, you know, he achieved it. 

When he talks about overcoming challenges, you know he has faced them. He is an all-around terrific guy who I am grateful to know.”

“Eric Edmeades is an amazing teacher. I am so inspired by him being a speaker myself. He is not talking from a script; you can feel his heart, look him in his eyes and feel his presence. He is with you all the way.”

Wildfit Reviews – Conclusion

Wildfit by Mindvalley is one of the most amazing programs that help you rethink your relationship with food. It helps you restructure your thoughts on the correct food and diet aspects.

Society keeps teaching us and phrasing the wrong foods as right; Eric corrects this by proving how every food choice we make leads to overall health and well-being.

If you want to boost your health and well-being, click here to enter Mindvalley’s Wildfit program and enjoy its benefits now.

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