Thistle Reviews

Thistle is a meal delivery service in the United States that delivers healthy, prepared meals directly to your door.

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Thistle Reviews

Thistle – Is Thistle Meal Delivery Service Legit?

Product Name Thistle
Category Meal Delivery Service
Purpose Helps to enhance well-being, happiness, and environmental sustainability.
Pros All meals are 100% gluten and dairy free. Vegan options available.
Cost $42/week
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About Thistle:

Thistle is a delivery service with the vision of ensuring their customers with safe and abundant food supplying the most composed of real, whole foods. Which perfectly enhances human health and lessens our impact on the environment.

Their food is plant-forward, devoid of dairy and gluten, grown organically whenever possible, and nutritionally balanced to keep you alert, in control, and focused all day.

Their main mission is to enhance well-being, happiness, and environmental sustainability; they would be honored and thrilled. 

Thistle’s meal delivery service offers chef-prepared, nutritionally good dinners, snacks, and side dishes. Its cuisine has a selection of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. 

Every meal is given already prepared. Moreover, Thistle has various subscription plans, so selecting one that suits your needs is simple.

Thistle is a subscription-based service that provides ready-to-eat meals that are healthy, flavorful, and nutritious to consume by any age group.

The Thistle meals help boost your energy levels, improve focus, decrease bloating, and improve your skin health.

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How Well Does Thistle Helpful For You?

Thistle helps deliver healthy, prepared meals directly to your door. This service is perfect for your busy lifestyle; the food hits your taste bliss within days. Thistle shines when it comes to assisting you in enjoying balanced meals and practicing portion management. Also, you can feel good about what you’re eating because most of the ingredients on your plate are produced locally and sustainably. And here’re the steps by which it works for you:

  • Step 1: Build Your Plan

Enter your zip code to check if you are in our local delivery or shipping region. Decide on your preferred protein sources and the number of meals you desire each week.

  • Step 2: Choose Your Meals

Every week a new cuisine is served along with some old favorites. The team will assign meals under your plan, but you can change, add, or eliminate any meals.

  • Step 3: Get Weekly Deliveries

Depending on your plan, deliver 1-2 times per week. When you sign up, you can specify your delivery window and opt to get SMS notifications on your deliveries.

  • Step 4: Enjoy Fresh, No-Prep Food

Meals are delivered hot or ready to eat. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sides, juices, and shots primarily made from plants. Flexitarian? For lunch and dinner, there are choices for meat-based proteins.

  • Step 5: Return Your Bags

You can support their environmental initiatives by returning your bags and cold packs for reusing. Leave them outside at your subsequent delivery window, and your driver will pick them up.

  • Step 6: Flex Your Plan As Needed

Although your strategy is adaptable, life does happen. You can skip a delivery, pause all future deliveries, or end your membership.

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Why Choose Thistle?

Thistle includes amazing features that are listed below:

  • Choose Your Meals – You must select from breakfast, lunch, and dinner with plant and meat protein options that suit your needs.
  • Delivered To Your Door – Thistle delivers fresh, fully prepared meals to your door that their nutritionists and chefs perfectly design.
  • Eat & Repeat – You can pause for a week, skip a delivery, or cancel anytime. Create a commitment-free habit of being healthy.
  • Locally Sourced and Organic – All of their fruits, veggies, and nuts are sourced from nearby farms that offer the best ingredients sustainably and that value their employees.
  • Sustainable Sourcing – They try to minimize our energy, water, and waste footprints throughout their supply chain. Even the leftovers from their freshly squeezed juices and meals are given to nearby farmers for composting.
  • Globally Inspired Menu – Thistle believes that a tasty diet is essential to good health. Their chefs create a new weekly menu based on what’s fresh, savory, and in season.
  • Designed By Nutritionists – Menus are purposefully created to satisfy your macronutrient requirements and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs—free of added sugars and preservatives—from whole, organic foods.

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For Whom is Thistle Helpful For?

Whether a person is vegan or not — they can still go on an omnivorous diet – a thistle is a good option for anyone trying to consume more fruits and vegetables. It also aids those who avoid gluten and dairy.

Soy, tree nuts, coconut, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and pig are among the ingredients for which limitations are supported.

It might not be the ideal choice for those with certain dietary needs, food allergies, or who want only organic products. Although the company gives organic produce priority, this is not a guarantee.

Thistle Benefits:

  • Thistle is a food delivery service that is healthy and delicious.
  • Thistle acts as the best sustainable food service.
  • The menus are gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic recipes.
  • Thistle meals are packed with more than 40 superfoods.
  • It includes a full breakdown of ingredients and nutritional content.
  • Thistle offers more nutrition and health benefits.
  • The foods are low in sugar and rich in antioxidants.
  • The delivery fee of each plan is varied based on checkout.
  • All meals inside Thistle contains locally sourced ingredients.
  • Thistle comes with tons of vegan options to choose from.

Thistle Drawbacks:

  • Thistle offers weekly menu customization only to customers within local delivery zones.
  • To order your favorite menu, you need a stable internet connection.
  • Thistle service couldn’t available for some places.

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Pricing & Discounts About Thistle:

Thistle acts as the affordable food service in the US. Here is a closer look at how much each meal costs:

  • 3 meals per week: $14.50 per serving
  • 4 meals per week: $14.25 per serving
  • 5–6 meals per week: $14.00 per serving
  • 7–19 meals per week: $13.25 per serving
  • 10–12 meals per week: $12.50 per serving
  • 13–15 meals per week: $12.00 per serving
  • 16–30 meals per week: $11.00 per serving (Click Here to Official Website)

And one important thing to notice is the prices may vary depending on the types of meals you choose, as dishes that contain meat cost an additional $2.25 per serving.

Final Thoughts:

In verdict, If you want an easy method to eat nutritious, plant-based meals that are never made with gluten, eggs, dairy, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals, Thistle is more than worth it.

The service may be impressive for people hoping to add more plant-based foods to their diet or enjoy a variety of nutritionally balanced dishes.

So, what are you still waiting for? Get started with Thistle and place your order today!! Stay healthy and happy!!

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Is Thistle Worth Your Investment?

The cost per meal won’t differ significantly if you already order salads from a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner. If you’re paying for delivery through Uber Eats, or something else, the free shipping on Thistle Food delivery orders can make your Thistle Food delivery meal far less expensive than local takeout.

Are Thistle Foods Ingredients Safe & Organic?

Thistle makes an effort to use organic, locally produced foods whenever possible. Additionally, it collaborates with nearby farmers and vendors to promote sustainability.

Also, the business provides nutritional information and a list of components for each dish on its menu, which is accessible online.

Delivery & Shipping

Each plan’s shipping fee is computed at checkout. Clients who reside in local delivery zones are qualified for local delivery, which entails that Thistle delivers food directly to customers rather than using local shipping partners.

However, the promptness and dependability of local delivery have come under fire from several customers in online evaluations. Concerns regarding the quantity of single-use plastic in the packaging have also been voiced.

Is Thistle’s Meal 100% Vegan?

The Thistle’s rotating menu offers a selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items acceptable for vegans and omnivores.

All meals are devoid of dairy, eggs, and gluten. The business puts a lot of effort into developing dynamic, rotating menus with many new options being added regularly.

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