Skinnyfit and Vitauthority

Skinnyfit and Vitauthority are both better collagen powder supplements. But you can always try them to see which works best for you!

To get an even more in-depth look at these collagen options, if you’re still on the fence, check out our full reviews of Skinnyfit vs. Vitauthority to know more!

Skinnyfit and Vitauthority

Overview About Skinnyfit

A powder of multi-collagen hydrolyzed peptides is called Skinny Fit Super Youth. Due to its multi-collagen complex, it is marketed as a collagen supplement that promotes healthy weight loss, youthful skin, and strong bones and joints.

You can add SkinnyFit Super Youth, a premium collagen blend, to any beverage you choose.

This tasteless powder blend contains five different types of collagen derived from four natural sources. Each of the five types of collagen is intended to enhance your general well-being and appearance.

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Overview About Vitauthority

Vitauthority comes with young, lively, and fair skin, which may also support weight loss. It will also reduce wrinkles and fine lines and minimize cellulite, as it will also encourage bone health. Collagen Types I, II, III, V, and X are all in the Multi Collagen Protein from Vitauthority.

This is a wide range because many collagen products only contain one or two types. Anyone looking for a health and nutrition supplement company that is truthful and open about what’s in their products will love Vitauthority.

Unfortunately, you never know what’s inside your products because the FDA does not regulate supplements.

Vitauthority, on the other hand, do things right because they only use the best ingredients and offer a complete money-back guarantee for its goods.

Skinnyfit vs. Vitauthority – Ingredient Comparison


  • Type I collagen, the most prevalent in the human body, is found in the skin, hair, bones, and teeth.
  • Type II:  It also supports the back, jaw, and joints, strengthens joint cartilage, and may even lessen knee popping.
  • Type III: Enhances skin elasticity, supports the heart and other organs, supports gut health, and aids in body maintenance and repair.
  • Type X: Supports the growth of bone in cartilage, preventing normal joint wear and tear and enhancing youth.


Collagen Types I, II, III, V, and X are all in the Multi Collagen Protein from Vitauthority. This is a wide range because many collagen products only contain one or two types.

  • Type I: Helps to improve your skin, hair, bones, and teeth.
  • Type II:  Type II focuses on supporting joint health, bones, and jaws.
  • Type III: Supports skin elasticity, improves cardiac health, and repairs your body.
  • Type V: Supports the healthy lungs and liver and is vital in forming Type I and Type III collagen.
  • Type X: This particular collagen primarily aids in forming bones in your cartilage.

It is suggested that Skinnyfit has more effective collagen ingredients than Vital Proteins. However, making a definitive comparison without specific information about the products and their ingredient lists is challenging.

Skinnyfit vs. Vitauthority – Benefits Comparison


  • It is offered in a wide range of flavors
  • Promotes stronger, healthier nails and hair and gives youthful skin
  • Constituted five different types of collagen.
  • All-natural ingredients are used in supplements.
  • Available at reasonably priced
  • Numerous flavor options available; 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Discounts for large orders
  • It mainly uses the using five different types of collagen
  • Helps with digestion and fights the signs of aging
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  • Vitamin C in the Vitauthority is important for maintaining the health of your skin and body as a whole.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a unique ingredient that adds more moisture to the skin.
  • Improves skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction.

After considering the benefits of Skinnyfit and Vitauthority, which makes this supplement more effective where Skinnyfit works well to support your overall health effects and make vital changes in your health.

Both collagen supplements may offer the amazing result where it will amazing result of boosting your general energy level.

Skinnyfit vs. Vitauthority – Price Comparison

When comparing prices, Skinnyfit and Vitauthority have a pronounced difference. When purchased once, Vitauthority costs $34.99, while SkinnyFit costs $99.95. Both Vitauthority and SkinnyFit offer subscriptions and some discounts of 25% savings.

  • Purchase Skinnyfit (One-time purchase) – $99.95
  • Purchase Skinnyfit – $79.96(Subscribe + Save 20%) with a monthly subscription. Modify or cancel anytime. (Click Here to Official Website)

Skinnyfit vs. Vitauthority – Which Is Best?

Both SkinnyFit and Vitauthority are effective collagen powder supplements. But we had to pick one over the other.

In that case, we’d go with Skinnyfit because, in addition to being a powerful collagen supplement, it also contains collagen types from 4 natural sources plus apple cider vinegar, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, which are mainly to help restore youthfulness from the inside out.

Both Skinnyfit and Vital Proteins likely contain collagen peptides as their primary ingredient. Collagen peptides are shorter chains of amino acids that are more efficiently fascinated by the body than other collagen forms.

They provide several benefits, such as improving skin elasticity, promoting joint health, and supporting healthy hair and nails.

Therefore, after comparing Skinnyfit vs. Vital Proteins regarding collagen powder supplements, you can always try to see which works best for you! To get an even more in-depth look at both of these collagen options.


This collagen powder has many benefits, from weight loss and joint and digestive support to skin, hair, and nail care. In this review, I’ll walk you through some of the key advantages and purposes of Skinny Fit Super Youth ingredients.

A collagen supplement that boosts metabolism and promotes the fitness of the skin, hair, and nails where this brand may offer a VIP membership. It has five different collagen types with thefree of caffeine and gluten. It can effectively to rejuvenates collagen and offers both powder and capsule forms.

But considering all of them, which also supports developing the overall health condition that could provide you with better health.


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