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Septifix is a septic tank treatment tablets that are solid, environmentally safe, and OXYGEN releasing to fix all your septic tank issues.

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Septifix – Is Septifix Tablet Worth Buying?
Product Name Septifix
Category Septic Tank Cleaner
Ingredients Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Mycobacterium, and More.
Purpose Helps you solve all your septic tank’s problems for good.
Price $69
Refund Policy 60 days
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What is Septifix?

As the name implies, Septifix is a septic tank cleaner that can remove the bad odor characteristic of septic tanks and also enrich the environment by releasing oxygen.

Besides that, it is effective in reducing the corrosion that septic tanks and their associated paraphernalia of pipes and tubes are always subject to.

Septifix comes in tablet form, and each tablet consists of 14 strains of unique aerobic bacteria. These bacteria have been grown in such a way as to help in the multiplying of bacteria that can release oxygen into the septic tank.

The cleaning capacity of Septifix extends to getting rid of any grease that could have accumulated within the tank. It can also regulate the acid content in the tank.

By preventing corrosion and removing grease, Septifix streamlines the functionality of a septic tank. It removes the bad odor that surrounds the tank by interacting with the hydrogen sulfide that often forms gas pockets within the tank.

By using Septifix at the prescribed intervals, house owners can lessen their dependence on a plumber for septic tank maintenance.

It works far more effectively than other cleaning tablets prescribed for maintaining a septic tank free of odor and functioning smoothly.

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How does Septifix work?

When a tablet of Septifix is flushed down the toilet bowl, it will soon enter the septic tank and start its activity.

It will dissolve within the sludge in the tank and gradually start releasing oxygen and sodium carbonate. Together, these two have the ability to maintain the pH level inside the tank neutral.

Their activity ensures that the pH is not too acidic or too alkaline. By the action of Septifix going on for at least three days, or a maximum of five days, the oxygen produced by it will get mixed with the waste matter contained therein.

As more and more oxygen is released, the stink will become proportionately less. Septifix has the ability to remain active within a septic tank for a fairly long time.

The solid waste inside the tank will clear easily when Septifix is present inside. Compared to other similar products, it remains functional within the tank for longer periods.

Septifix is in tablet form and weighs about 55 grams.


Who is the Creator of Septifix?

This unique cleaning tablet has been produced by an expert in the field by the name of Richard V, whose company has decades of experience in cleaning, repairing, and maintaining septic tanks.

However, Richard was never fully satisfied with the work he did because he and his men could never kill the stench emanating from the area, however well they cleaned.

So, he worked in collaboration with 14 researchers from an educational institution to find a non-mechanical solution for cleaning a septic tank and preserving it in an environmentally safe manner. The search ended with the production of Septifix.

What does Septifix contain?

The ingredients of Septifix consist of oxygen-releasing and pH-maintaining compounds and aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

  • Compounds that release oxygen: Oxygen-releasing compounds (ORCs) are generally used to create or strengthen aerobic conditions in an area. It is used in Septifix to react with H2S or hydrogen sulfide, which causes a deep stench in and around septic tanks. One tablet of Septifix can release about 10 liters of life-supporting gas oxygen.
  • Compounds that neutralize pH: To keep the bacteria alive in a habitat, it is important to keep that area’s pH stable. Inside the tank, these compounds release chemicals that can balance the pH of their contents.
  • Bacillus, Pseudomonas, and Mycobacterium: All these three are microorganisms known as aerobic bacteria that can survive only in an oxygenated environment. These bacteria have the ability to use the oxygen within the tank to break down pollutants.
  • Strains of aerobic bacteria: The number of aerobic bacterial strains in Septifix amount to more than ten billion. Together, these can clean up the tank much faster than other cleaning agents designed for it. After breaking down the waste in the tank, the bacteria convert the liquid waste into energy, thereby creating an ambiance suitable for the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

Benefits of Septifix

  • Septifix is fully free of toxins or chemicals.
  • It is easy to use because the tablets have to be only flushed down the toilet bowl.
  • It is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, fully meeting the required standards.
  • It does not pollute the atmosphere by releasing hazardous elements.
  • The effect of Septifix on septic tanks lasts longer than that of other similar products.
  • It is very cost-effective.
  • It is a comparatively superior cleaning mechanism for septic tanks.
  • It reduces the need for frequent cleaning of the tank and reduces the dependency on a plumber.
  • It is an oxygen-releasing cleaning mechanism that allows bacteria to remain alive in the tank for 90 days.
  • The oxygen released by it interacts with hydrogen sulfide and removes the foul odor emanating from the tank.
  • The chemicals released by it balance the pH of the liquid waste and create a condition conducive to the proliferation of bacteria.
  • The manufacturers of the product allow dissatisfied customers to claim their money back within 60 days of the purchase.

How to use Septifix to clean your septic tank?

Septifix is a product that does not contain any ingredient that is toxic in nature. So, it is safe to be handled with fingers without using gloves. However, as a precaution, it is best to wash one’s hands with soap and water after handling them.

For the right results, three tablets have to be flushed down the toilet, and this has to be done twice. This pattern has to be followed for three consecutive days for Septifix to be fully effective.

The tablets will start their activity on the first day itself, and within five days, the results will become fully discernible.

The dosage described above is the requirement for a medium-sized septic tank. Larger tanks, in households in which there are more people, will require proportionately more tablets to get cleaned and become odor-free.

What kind of Results can you Expect from Septifix?

There are specific outcome expectations for every product, be it a medicine, a cosmetic, or a cleaning agent. Septifix will not fail in providing these anticipated results.

When it is used correctly, strictly following the manufacturer’s user guidelines, the results of its activity will become discernible quite fast.

It will not take more than five days for Septifix to make the tank and the surrounding area free of the foul smell. And sometimes, the results can be felt even within three days.

What makes Septifix unique from other septic tank treatment methods?

Septifix is different from other conventional cleaning methods in many ways, as detailed below:

  • It prevents the corrosion of pipes, valves, tubes, and pumps by counteracting the acids in the liquid waste.
  • It unclogs the blocked parts of the tank and ensures the smooth removal of the waste.
  • It is highly effective in killing the stench.
  • By using it, septic tanks become completely muck-free because Septifix can remove grease, oil, and hydrocarbons which are the common clogging agents.
  • Because of the way the bacteria and the other compounds in Septifix function, the need for pumping the septic tank may become fully redundant, or it may have to be done only infrequently.

Septifix Pricing and Discounts

Septifix is not available in any physical stores. Nor can it be purchased through any website other than the manufacturer’s official website. The pricing details are as follows:

  • Cost of Septifix required for 6 months – $69
  • Cost of Septifix required for 12 months – $118
  • Cost of Septifix required for 18 months – $147 (Click Here to Official Website)

Shipping is free for larger packages required for twelve months or eighteen months, but there will be a shipping charge for the supply for six months costing $69. An order received is generally processed in less than 24 hours, and the product will be delivered to the customer mostly within five business days or, at the most, within seven business days.

Septifix Tablets

Septifix – Conclusion

Septifix is a septic tank cleaner par excellence. It first works by releasing oxygen into the septic tank into which it is put.

This oxygen reacts with the hydrogen sulfide in the tank. Hydrogen sulfide is a compound that causes such a stink that it is often referred to as ‘sewer gas’ and is highly toxic.

The action of oxygen on hydrogen sulfide neutralizes it and removes the bad odor. Within less than five days of using Septifix, the area will start smelling normally.

The collection of bacteria that is Septifix will continue its activity inside the tank after the changes it brings about in the initial days.

The bacteria will continue to separate the liquid waste from the solid and divert it the right way. Thousands of people have used Septifix and have been satisfied with its results.

Further, the manufacturers have a 60-day refund policy, according to which those who do not get the desired result from the use of Septifix can get their money back so far as they make the refund request within the time specified on the company’s website.

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