Healthcare Workforce Reports

Nebraska Public Health Improvement Plan: Coordinated Chronic Disease and Prevention Priority -Represents the ongoing commitment of the NE Department of Health and Human Services to reduce the mortality and morbidity of chronic diseases through a collaborative process with stakeholders throughout the state.

Rural and Urban Hospitals’ Role in Providing Inpatient Care, 2010 – Comparing rural and urban hospital roles in areas such as population, discharges, days of care, procedures etc.

 A Critical Match: Nebraska’s Health Workforce Planning Project, Final Report – Nebraska’s two year health workforce planning project strategies

2012 Community Needs Assessment Report: Resource Center for Community Health Assessments & Community Health Improvement Plans – this blog focuses on health information issues related to the community, especially underserved communities

 “Community Needs Assessment and Data-Supported Decision Making: Keys to Building Responsive and Effective Health Centers.”   by The National Association of Community Health Centers. The guide has a bibliography of resource information on page 26

– Nebraska Family Physician Survey Report 2009 – by the Office of Rural Health and the Department of Health and Human Services

– Nebraska RN Survey Report 2011 – by the Office of Rural Health and the Department of Health and Human Services

– The Health Care Workforce in Eight States: Education, Practice & Policy, 2004

– UNMC College of Public Health Workforce Publications – research that improves health policy decisions, facilitating communication among stakeholders in health policy, enhancing the role of UNMC in promoting the health of Nebraskans, and supporting the educational initiatives of UNMC in health policy

– National Center for Health Workforce Analysis – estimating the supply and demand for health workers in the U.S. and developing tools and resources to inform decision-making on health care workforce investments