Pvolve Reviews

Pvolve is a revolutionary fitness brand that offers equipment, supplements, apparel, and more to make your body fit and healthy.

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Pvolve Reviews

Pvolve – Is Pvolve Legit & Worth Buying?
Product Name Pvolve
Founders Rachel & Jen
Pros Helps you to live a longer, healthier life.
Refund Policy 30 days money-back guarantee
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About Pvolve:

Pvolve is a new brand that offers equipment, supplements, apparel, and more to make your health fit and healthy.

It is a distinctive, science-based approach that blends low-impact exercises with resistance-based apparatus to increase strength, enhance mobility, and other benefits.

The approach is emphasized by functional fitness, an exercise that imitates daily movement and uses the body’s biomechanics to provide training that produces good results with less discomfort.

Although each piece of equipment has a distinct function, they all use resistance to target the body’s large muscles and its more difficult-to-reach muscles.

It is a simple at-home exercise routine, a surprisingly difficult fitness regimen that uses expensive equipment and streaming lessons to sculpt and tone the entire body.

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What Will You Find Inside Pvolve?


The Signature:

You can sculpt your body from every angle with three special equipment to elevate your glutes, tone thighs, engage your core, and build your upper body with precise alignment. With a 30-day home trial and one free 1×1 trainer consultation, you may start using the Pvolve Method without taking any risks.

  • 3 pieces of equipment
  • 1 month of streaming

The Total Transformation:

This full-featured home gym set will help tone, strengthen, and rejuvenate your body. Features 13 pieces of resistance and recovery gear to unlock the entire Pvolve experience, which will help you tone your arms, glutes, legs, and core while easing post-workout knots for a more comprehensive training regimen. With our 30-day home trial and one FREE 1×1 trainer consultation, you can try it risk-free.

  • 13 pieces of equipment
  • 12 months of streaming

Pvolve Legit


  • P.3 Trainer:

With this ankle-attached toner that sculpts in all directions, you can feel stronger than ever. Various Pvolve exercises that use various band and handle pairs work the entire body.

  • Precision Mat:

Utilize this non-slip mat to master the angles essential to our outcomes. You can follow your trainer’s suggestions by using precisely placed markers to improve your technique and get more out of every movement.

  • Gliders:

These easily moving discs are placed beneath your feet to encourage deeper muscle engagement. Add fluidity and versatility to your movement to keep your muscles guessing.

  • Slant Board:

Discover how to lift and shape your booty while stabilizing yourself using additional lower body and core muscles. It is made to angle your foot at two different altitudes to activate your deep glute.

  • 2 lb Hand Weights:

Our hand weights are non-slip and are made to fit the palm of your hand properly. It includes a free 7-day trial and 1-on-1 trainer consultation to try the Pvolve Method. After making a purchase, check your email to redeem.

  • 3 lb Ankle Weights:

With stylish, comfortable-fit ankle weights that increase resistance without sliding down your legs, you may intensify your lower body workouts. It includes a free 7-day trial and 1-on-1 trainer consultation to try the Pvolve Method. After making a purchase, check your email to redeem.

  • 1.5 lb Ankle Weights:

With our stylish, comfortable-fit ankle weights that increase resistance without sliding down your legs, you may intensify your lower body workouts.

  • Heavy Ankle Band:

Prepare to build up all those challenging lower body muscles. With each repetition, this thick resistance band targets certain muscles to help you shape your thighs, glutes, and legs.

  • Light Ankle Band:

The quads, glutes, and inner and outer thighs are all put to a serious test. It gives lower body resistance in various motions for standing and mat Pvolve activities.

  • Massage Ball Set:

This essential combination will help you relax and increase flexibility throughout your entire body. It also contains two massage balls: one single ball for massage and one double ball for myofascial release.

  • Precision Foam Roller:

With this rehabilitation tool designed to roll out tight muscles, you may target trigger points and discover post-workout comfort.

  • Cushion Mat:

With our thick training mat, you may get more stability, support, and comfort for your knees and wrists while performing mat exercises. It is simple to roll up and store due to its small size.

  • P.ball Replacement Strap:

A replacement strap for the P.ball, our iconic piece of fitness equipment, to ensure consistent resistance over time. It also has an optional 5-inch strap extender for added length and comfort.

  • P.ball Strap Extender:

An extender strap that adds length and comfort to our iconic P.ball piece of equipment. The extender is five inches long.

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  • RECOVER 9:

Recover 9 is a novel beverage designed to promote muscle protein synthesis, equivalent to 40 grams of protein, while containing only 20 calories and 0 grams of sugar. With our supplement drink, which contains all 9 essential amino acids and a delectable pomegranate-berry flavor, you can sip your way to a quicker post-workout recovery and a stronger you.

Ingredients: L-leucine, L-Lysine acetate, L-threonine, L-valine, L-Isoleucine, L-phenylalanine, L-methionine, L-Histidine, L-Tryptophan, Pomegranate fruit extract. Other Ingredients: Natural flavors, Citric acid, Red beet juice powder (color), Stevia leaf extract, Silica, and Monk fruit extract.

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  • Oversized Crew Sweatshirt:

You need this stylish, comfortable crewneck sweatshirt whether you’re exercising or just lounging about. It’s the perfect method to stay warm and look stylish inside and outside the studio because it’s made of soft brushed fleece that you won’t want to take off.

Materials: Cotton, polyester & spandex blend. Soft brushed fleece interior.

  • Gray Tank:

When working hard at home or in the studio, our go-to tank will help you sweat without perspiring all over your body. It can be worn to sit exactly at your hips or pulled up to keep it short. It is made of a breathable, soft jersey.

Materials: 95% polyester, 5% spandex

  • Black Crop Tank:

Reach your objectives while moving with you in a cropped tank that is lively, fluid, and always stylish. Your inspiration will follow you wherever you go, thanks to the back’s inscribed Pvolve slogan.

Materials: 100% Rayon spandex jersey

  • Pvolve x Splits59 Airweight Sports Bra:

Prepared for the upcoming class? Remember this ideal medium support bra with detachable pads for further lift and support. It is constructed of a second-skin-like, buttery-soft Airweight fabric.

Materials: 81% nylon, 19% spandex

  • New Era Pvolve Logo Hat:

With this must-have, branded black cap, you can finish your ensemble. It will look great whether working up a sweat in the studio or seeing friends for lunch after your workout.

Materials: 100% cotton

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Price Details of Pvolve Products:

  • Buy RECOVER 9 – $49.99
  • Buy Oversized Crew Sweatshirt – $69.99
  • Buy Gray Tank – $39.99
  • Buy a Black Crop Tank for $39.99
  • Buy Pvolve x Splits59 Airweight Sports Bra for $66.00
  • Buy New Era Pvolve Logo Hat for $29.99
  • Buy The Signature – $199.99
  • Buy The Total Transformation – $624.99
  • Buy Signature Bundle – $39.99
  • Buy P.3 Trainer – $89.99
  • Buy Precision Mat – $99.99
  • Buy Gliders – $29.99
  • Buy Slant Board – $94.99
  • Buy 2 lb Hand Weights – $24.99
  • Buy 3 lb Ankle Weights for $29.99
  • Buy 1.5 lb Ankle Weights $25.99
  • Buy Heavy Ankle Band – $24.99
  • Buy Light Ankle Band – $23.99
  • Buy Massage Ball Set – $29.99
  • Buy Precision Foam Roller for $39.99
  • Buy a Cushion Mat for $34.99
  • Buy P.ball Replacement Strap – $9.99
  • Buy P.ball Strap Extender – $4.99 (Click Here to Official Website)

Why Choose Pvolve? 

  • Order Your Equipment Bundle Today

Purchase our premium Equipment Bundle right away to advance your fitness journey! Take advantage of the added convenience of free delivery on your order, but be aware that foreign rates might be applicable.

  • Try it Risk-Free with Streaming Classes.

You’ll also get exclusive access to our streaming lessons for a full month as part of your bundle. Try them out to see which suits your fitness objectives and interests best.

  • Money Back Guarantee:

Even though we guarantee the quality of our bundle, if it falls short of your expectations, we’ll make it right. No questions will be asked if you return it within the allotted time frame for a complete refund. Our top goal is to make sure you are satisfied. Improve your exercise goals with assurance!

Final Verdict – Pvolve!!!

Pvolve is worth buying in the final verdict, and I strongly suggest you give this product a trial. The bundle seemed, well, simple at first sight.

The P.ball is a medium rubber ball that you may wrap around your thighs, legs, or ankles with thick straps. The P. band is a resistance band with improvised “gloves” that keep your hands in place while working out your upper body.

On the other hand, the precision mat is a square yoga mat with a numbered grid to make it easier for you to follow along when the instructor gives directions.

Using a resistance band instead of my regular free weights allowed me to target my shoulders, biceps, and triceps just as effectively. The practical numbered grid on the precision mat kept me on track during intense workouts.

Within 30 days following the delivery date, you may return any unopened, undamaged items of clothing and equipment not packaged in a bundle.

Requests for returns made after these 30 days won’t be honored. All returned things must be undamaged and in their original state and packaging.

Pvolve retains the right to refuse the refund or impose additional restocking fees at Pvolve’s discretion if you return clothing or equipment damaged or missing components or exhibit evidence of misuse.


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