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Old School New Body Reviews – Steve and Becky Holman’s Old School New Body is an effective program (youth-enhancing system) that helps to lose weight and feel younger for OVER-35 men and women.

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What is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a guide that helps in body-shaping and youth enhancement. It works for all men and women, irrespective of age. The program only takes up to 90 minutes of your time.

Several strategies related to weight loss are provided through this program. This program also helps you get access to the secrets that help in slowing down the process of aging.

This program is based on old-school techniques that have proven to be beneficial for the previous generation. Through this program, you will learn the dos and don’ts that you must follow to achieve good results.

The best old-school techniques have been combined and provided through this program. If you follow the instructions carefully, the best results can be achieved. The program focuses on a specific technique called the FX4 method. Five free bonuses are provided along with the program.

The program is extremely easy to follow as you just need to read and implement the secrets mentioned by the creators. They’re in their 50s and say that it can be tried by anyone. Even if you’re in your 20-30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, you can try out the Old School New Body program. It can definitely work for you!

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How does Old School New Body Program work?

There are several reasons why your workout and diet plans don’t end up working. Identifying and targeting these issues to eliminate them, therefore, becomes important.

Old School New Body is a program that will help in doing precisely that. To lose weight, people normally engage in long and hard workouts. But the truth is that these long workouts do more harm than good.

They speed up the aging process as free radicals in your body increase. Old School New Body will provide the perfect exercise plan that helps avoid this issue. The best way to achieve weight loss is through resistance training and not through cardio and other methods.

Old School New Body provides you with the speediest way to lose weight. The creators have compiled years of their research and experience in this guide. They’ve provided an old-school way of weight loss and slowdown of the aging process.

The particular FX4 method contains four exercises that do all the work for you. This program, therefore, helps achieve the best results. Within just a few days, you will see a drastic change in your appearance as you lose weight and begin to feel healthier and lighter.

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What are the benefits of using Old School New Body?

  • It helps in giving your energy levels a major boost.
  • It helps in eliminating pain and aches that are caused due to increase in age.
  • It helps you lose weight and tone your body.
  • It may help in improving your metabolism.
  • It will teach you the right techniques for efficient weight loss.
  • It helps reduce damage caused by free radicals.
  • It helps in slowing down the process of aging.
  • It reduces the sluggish appearance of your body and muscles.
  • It improves BMI naturally.
  • It helps build muscles and tone your body.
  • It reduces the pains and aches that you have due to a fat belly.
  • It naturally reduces inflammation.

What does the program consist of?

This guide focuses on various aspects related to aging. It provides the dos and don’t when it comes to lifestyle and fitness habits. Here are a few things that you’ll learn from the guide:

  • 5 steps to look younger: This guide tells you about how you can slow down the aging process. Tips, tricks, and strategies are provided to reverse aging at a cellular level. The application of 5 key principles helps in “aging backward”. It helps in giving your youth hormones a major boost. Some things should be avoided to slow the aging process and get the body of your dreams. Stopping the consumption of low-carb diets, stopping long-duration exercise routines, not blaming everything on your age, avoidance of dehydration, and working out less are the five things to be avoided, according to the guide.
  • F4X Training program: This program consists of cardiovascular workouts. It is the best way to attain weight loss, and it helps you achieve the ideal body you’ve always wanted. The program requires you to work hard, it’s not the easy way out, but it’s the best way to achieve good health and optimum fitness. There are three phases in this protocol. These are as follows.
  1. Phase 1: F4X lean

In this phase, you will be able to lose weight. You can follow the program with alterations. This helps you achieve the exact results that you want. They also provide a meal plan to help you in achieving the best results.

  1. Phase 2: F4X Shape

This phase will help you if you want to gain more muscle and can shape your body according to your desire. This can be achieved through a little change in your style of lifting and nutrition. In this phase more burning of body fat takes place. Anyone who wants more lean muscle can follow this. Muscle gain leads to calorie burning as well.

  1. Phase 3: F4X Build

This phase enables you to achieve the build that you want. According to how muscular you want your frame to be, diet changes and lifting variations can be followed.

  • Other things in the program: you will get access to the OSNB Ageless Nutrition Plan. Other secrets and protocols related to aging will also be discovered. Along with these, on purchase of the program, you’ll get access to five wonderful guides that are highly beneficial for the maintenance of fitness.


  • This program is specially built for people who are over the age of 35.
  • It will be beneficial for both men and women.
  • It only takes up to 90 minutes a week.
  • Five free bonuses are included with the package.
  • It is the fastest way to lose weight.
  • It is based on an old-school technique that has proven to be highly beneficial.
  • The program is available at a highly discounted price.
  • The program comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Though the target of the program is older individuals, it works for adults from all age groups.
  • It does not involve taking medicines or going on a starvation diet.
  • It helps restructure the body composition and BMI for your healthier health and body.
  • It makes you look good.


  • The program will be available at a discounted price only for a limited period.
  • This program is not an “easy fix,” though it’s made as easy as it can be made.
  • You should implement the program on a daily basis to get results.
  • The results may differ from person to person, based on their age and health conditions.
  • It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

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What is the price of Old School New Body?

The original price of the program is around $50, but if you purchase it before the discount period ends, you get your hands on it for just $20! You will be able to access the program immediately after your purchase. (Click Here to Official Website)

They also provide a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So, if you find the program to be ineffective, you can get a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase.

On purchase of Old School New Body, you will receive five free bonuses. Take a look at these bonuses:

  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide: This guide helps you get started without wasting your time. It covers all the three phases that the Old School New Body guide contains to give you a kick start.
  • “Burn Fat Faster!”: This guide teaches you how you can speedily burn fat and the fat-burning benefits that sleeping naked provides. It also provides information about the particular desert that boosts metabolism and various important fat-burning nutrients and foods you should consume.
  • “Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics!”: It helps you in knowing the best nutrients for muscle building. It helps you know which foods and minerals help in boosting testosterone and other hormone levels.
  • “Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters And Anti-Aging Secrets!”: It helps improve sleep quality, helps with hair growth, enhances sex drive, and boosts fat burning. All the information about nutrients and sex drive improving fruits will be provided.
  • “Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics!”: It will help in discovering ways to improve mood, increase happiness and eliminate depression. It helps increase the levels of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.

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Old School New Body Reviews – Conclusion

Old School New Body is an amazing way to reduce your fats, look slimmer, get healthier, slow down aging processes, and become younger overall.

The program has successfully worked for thousands of men and women who have tried everything else before and failed. However, with Old School New Body, everyone succeeds in getting a healthier and toned body.

So what are you waiting for? It is only available on its official website for purchase. So click here to get redirected to its official website and buy your copy or digital version of Old School New Body now.


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