Natural Cycles Reviews

Natural Cycles is the best app that will help you provide the best possible way to improve your pregnancy control, which allows you to offer various improvements in your health!

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Natural Cycles Reviews

Natural Cycle – Is Natural Cycle App Legit?

Product Name Natural Cycle 
Category Fertility Tracker
Purpose Helps determines your fertility status based on body temperature.
Pros 100% Hormone-Free birth control, Certified medical device, Unique and adaptable.
Cost $9.99/ Per month
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About Natural Cycles

Natural Cycle is a mobile app that mainly helps track fertility with the aid of Natural Cycles. The app forecasts a woman’s fertile days and can be used to schedule pregnancies and use contraception.

It uses the specific algorithm mainly used by the app Natural Cycles to determine your fertility status based on body temperature.

Take a reading, enter it into the app, and let our algorithm do the rest. Due to its digital nature and extensive consideration of data, the Natural Cycles app makes the fertility awareness strategy simpler to monitor.

Natural Cycles go beyond birth control, giving you the proper understanding of your cycle and the power to predict the ideal window for conception.

When taking ovulation or pregnancy tests, NC° Plan Pregnancy can advise you on the best times and which days of the week are the most fertile for you.

You can use NC° Follow Pregnancy to receive regular updates on your pregnancy status once you log a positive test result in the app.

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Natural Cycles – The Way It Helps You?

The first step is to buy a Natural Cycles plan and download the related app. If you subscribe to the service annually, a basal thermometer is required; however, this thermometer is included in the program.

The thermometer is also available separately from the business or a pharmacy for subscribers. One must enter information about their period cycle before the app can take thermometer readings.

A basal thermometer must take someone’s temperature in the morning, following some rest. However, it may take a few months of data entry before users see accurate results.

Body temperature fluctuations can be used to determine your fertile window and detect ovulation during the menstrual cycle.

Natural Cycles are a more sophisticated approach to fertility awareness. It is powered by a certified, regulated algorithm that determines each day’s fertility status by learning the pattern of your cycle.

People must take the temperature with a thermometer as soon as they awaken. They later enter this information into the app.

They can decide not to enter the data that day if they feel unwell and believe it might affect their temperature.

The Benefits – Natural Cycles

  • Read your daily fertility status: After adding your temperature, you will receive your daily fertility status. This is either red or green (infertile) (use protection). Use condoms or refrain from having sex on red days if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant.
  • Track PMS, pain & more: Add optional information about mood swings, sex drive, PMS, and pain throughout your cycle. Monitoring your symptoms can help you understand your particular menstrual cycle even better.
  • Understand your cycle: Using the well-liked graph feature, you can spot patterns in your process. Additionally, you have access to your logged symptoms. Compare cycles easily or zoom out for a general view.
  • Adapt your fertility journey:  Depending on your trip, switch between NC° Birth Control, NC° Plan Pregnancy, and NC° Follow Pregnancy.
  • Effective Birth Control: An FDA-approved app called Natural Cycles can help identify a person’s fertility window, which can be useful for contraception and pregnancy planning.

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The Pros – Natural Cycles

  • 100% Hormone-free
  • No unwanted side effects
  • FDA Cleared & CE Marked
  • Take control of your fertility
  • Your data is always protected
  • Best Birth Control App 2021 by Healthline
  • FDA Cleared + CE Marked
  • Research suggests it’s effective
  • Track other information, like PMS, libido, and mood changes
  • Supporting 2.5 million
  • Cyclers over 10 years
  • 93% Effective with Typical Use

The Cons – Natural Cycles

  • Natural Cycle is an app easily downloaded from the official site.
  • It would help to have a proper internet connection to download this app easily.

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Natural Cycles – Price Details

Our monthly subscription helps protect you and your data, unlike free apps. Although you will have the option to support our continued work in women’s health research, the company will never sell your information.

Both producing and distributing birth control are expensive. Thanks to our subscription fee, we can provide another hormone-free birth control option. There are two types of subscriptions available: annual and monthly.

Pricing can be found here! Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll also provide a free demo mode to try Natural Cycles before deciding to subscribe. You may also use a Family Savings Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account to pay for a Natural Cycles subscription (HSA). People can do this by using a Natural Cycles receipt to obtain reimbursement. Alternatively, they can pay for the app here with their FSA or HSA credit card.

What Will You Find Inside?

  • NC° Birth Control

It would help if you thought about how well your birth control is working and that there are two types of use: typical and ideal. In contrast to regular use, which involves user error and method failure, perfect service refers to using a method without user error. Natural Cycles work just as well on the first day after years of use. However, you’ll initially experience most red days until the algorithm learns about your cycle.

You must be able to take your temperature when you first wake up most mornings to use NC° Birth Control; we advise measuring at least five times per week. The app remains effective even if you forget to count; you may experience increased red (fertile) days. NC° Birth Control may also produce more red days in people with certain medical conditions that affect the temperature or those who have irregular cycles if it has trouble identifying ovulation.

  • NC° Plan Pregnancy

According to research, couples using the NC° Plan Pregnancy typically become pregnant after three cycles or less. The Natural Cycles algorithm uses your temperature data to find your fertile window. The algorithm can predict and confirm ovulation by learning the pattern of your cycle, allowing you to find your productive days even with irregular cycles. Find the best time to take a pregnancy test and other helpful information.

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How to Use Natural Cycles?

Here is the simple procedure, which is mainly to proceed, which is support for an effective way to support the proper usage of the application, which may also keep showing the possible way to improve your overall health. Let’s see the simple procedure you must follow to learn about Natural Cycles!

  • Measure your temperature and add data: Use your basal thermometer to take your temperature when you wake up, then enter the result in the NC° app.
  • Wait for the algorithm to calculate your fertility: This effective algorithm quickly determines whether today is green (not fertile) or red using temperature, period, and cycle data (use protection).
  • Know your fertility and take control of your cycle: Planning or avoiding pregnancy can be done using your daily fertility status. Additionally, you will get personalized insights into your particular process.

Wrapping Up – Natural Cycles Reviews!!!

In conclusion, it’s probably best to think of the app as a helpful tool if used consistently and for assistance with helping predict fertile days rather than a foolproof method for avoiding pregnancy. Aside from not engaging in sex, there are no certain ways to avoid getting pregnant.

The app has an overall positive brand reputation online, including its Trustpilot profile, and is FDA-approved. After relying on the app, some users have reported unplanned pregnancies.

However, the company advises that the best use is necessary to obtain the most precise data regarding your fertility. This entails taking consistent readings every morning at the same time.

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Is It Safe To Use Natural Cycles?

The company has FDA clearance in the US and CE Marking in Europe for use as a contraceptive medical device. It is listed on the SMDR in Singapore and the ARTG in Australia.

The certifications have been given based on required clinical data showing that Natural Cycles has a 93% effectiveness rate with typical use and a 98% effectiveness rate with perfect service. Natural Cycles is the first app to be evaluated as a birth control option in the US and Europe.


Who can use Natural Cycles?

Natural Cycles is available to anyone over 18 who has a menstrual cycle. The majority of women who can take their temperature in the mornings and are looking for a natural method of birth control will find it most suitable.

It’s also vital that women who use Natural Cycles feel at ease using contraceptives or forgoing sex on days when they are fertile.

Using Natural Cycles requires a routine; the more benefit you derive from it, the better it fits your lifestyle.

How To Download Natural Cycles?

Natural Cycles can be downloaded from the App Store if you have an iPhone. You can download Natural Cycles from Google Play with an Android device.

You can buy any extras required for the app’s related services on the company’s website. Basal thermometers are available from the majority of retailers.

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