IQ Blast Pro Reviews

IQ Blast Pro is an all-natural dietary supplement that helps to restore your memory power and improve focus and overall brain health.

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IQ Blast Pro Reviews

What Is IQ Blast Pro?

IQ Blast Pro is a brain health supplement that uses a cutting-edge formula to support memory loss. The formula is well known for targeting the root cause, leaky brain syndrome, which allows toxins to cause damage.

This can be achieved by poisons and chemicals entering the brain after breaching the blood-brain barrier. They affect brain cells, leading to complaints such as memory loss, cognitive decline, etc.

Hence, this natural source should be utilized to restore health and optimal function to the brain safely instead of invasive surgery or treatment.

Preferring the best brain supplement, IQ Blast Pro, on the market right now leads to maximizing earning benefits.

It replenishes the body with the required nutrients and strengthens the barrier of brain cells to keep them away from neurotoxins. Most importantly, reversing years of brain damage or decline is simple with this complex solution.

This can boost neurotransmitters, new brain cell regeneration, memory loss, and cognitive skills. Moreover, you will not spend more on this supplement than on frequent clinic visits, drugs, and medications.

How Does It Work?

IQ Blast Pro’s work concentrates on addressing brain leaky syndrome to prevent memory loss and support brain health. Its core mechanism relies on five different phases and aims to improve brain performance in every possible aspect.

Phase 1: Harnessing the power of synergetic compounds in IQ Blast Pro enhances essential antioxidants inside the body. It helps you potentially combat environmental pollutants, free radicals, and oxidative stress.

Phase 2: Reinforces the shield against threats like inflammation and parasites to safeguard the brain and preserve brain tissue health. It reduces the hazards presented internally, allowing the body to expand new brain cell growth. This aids in noticing great improvements in brain performances like memory, cognitive function, and general health.

Phase 3: The formula’s main focus is centered on upgrading the brain’s natural performance. So, you will remember every tiny detail that is noticed at first glance, increasing your ability to maintain information.

Phase 4: In this stage, the supplement significantly enhances neurotransmitters. It means message transmission between every cell turns more intensively, profoundly impacting mental clarity.

Phase 5: The final stage measures your mood, anxiety, stress, and insomnia levels to improve your mental well-being.

IQ Blast Pro Ingredients

Ingredients in IQ Blast Pro are natural sources and minerals that have proven to support overall brain function. Let’s delve deeper into each ingredient’s benefits by exploring the below.

  • Citicoline

CBD is great for the health of your brain in many ways. It can raise neurotransmitter levels and prevent the deterioration of brain cells. Additionally, the ingredient slows down the rate at which dementia advances. Therefore, taking pills containing citicoline daily will help you become more focused and sharpen your memory.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

It is clinically found to positively affect the brain and boost brain activity by producing more impulses. The ingredient can suppress enzymes that cause neurodegeneration and lessen inflammation in the brain. Thus, you can experience a mental energy boost and memory enhancement.

  • Piper Nigrum

Black pepper has piperine, which increases curcumin absorption and increases therapeutic. Its neuroprotective qualities aid in preventing cognitive decline and expanding serotonin and dopamine. This benefits mood control and cognitive performance.

  • L-Theanine

L-theanine in IQ Blast Pro enhances learning ability and supports memory health. The ingredient is renowned for its calming properties, which improve concentration and cognitive function.

  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract

It possesses several health advantages, including anti-inflammatory qualities that strengthen your immune system and shield you from illness. It can control oxidative stress in your body and help with menstrual irregularities, skin conditions, and heart health. Moreover, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities might aid in treating diabetes.

  • Phosphatidylserine

This component supports healthy nerve cell membranes and helps with learning, communication, memory generation and retrieval, and maintenance.

  • Selenium

The strong antioxidant in selenium keeps brain cells healthy and shields the brain from oxidative damage and inflammation. The synthesis of selenoproteins aids in repairing and lowering the risk of cognitive decline. By promoting the synthesis of neurotransmitters, it improves mood and cognitive function.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric’s primary component, curcumin, is well known for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These can enhance memory, learning, and general brain health. Turmeric also lowers inflammation, protects against oxidative damage, and promotes brain cell regeneration.



  •  IQ Blast Pro is an extraordinary brain booster that can work effectively regardless of age and gender.
  •  It can help alleviate stress and anxiety and calm down brain muscles.
  • Helps customers boost physical energy, uplift mood, and delay aging.
  • Consistent consumption of this supplement clears brain decline naturally.
  • You can also use the formula to elevate memory retention and learn new abilities.
  • Regularly approaching this holistic formula lets you increase neurotransmitters and hormone production.
  • Prolonging application of the dietary supplement allows you to improve overall wellness shortly.


  • Customers must reach out to the official portal to order IQ Blast Pro because it is unavailable elsewhere.
  • Health condition differences let you achieve either earlier or later than others.

Pricing & Discounts About IQ Blast Pro

On the official website, IQ Blast Pro is available in three choices with excellent discounts to fit everyone’s budget. Order 3 or 6 containers, encouraging you to take the supplement consistently and attain the best results. These two packs let you take advantage of hefty savings and other special offers.

1X BOTTLE: Price: $69 + Small Shipping Fee

Supply: 30 Day Supply

3X BOTTLES: Price: $59 per bottle – Total: $177

Savings: $120

Supply: 90-Day Supply

Shipping: Free US Shipping

Includes: 1 Free ebook

6X BOTTLES: Price: $49 per bottle – Total: $294

Savings: $300

Supply: 180-Day Supply

Shipping: Free US Shipping

Includes: 2 Free eBooks

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  • FREE BONUS #1: Flash Memory: Hidden Tactics for Instant Memorization (value $69.95)

Discover a dozen memory tricks that will help you quickly learn and retain intricate facts or details. These include phone numbers, addresses, passwords, PINs, and medical and banking information.

  • FREE BONUS #2: Mind Decoder Worth (value $59.95)

If you think too much, explore ten brain tricks to stop overthinking. These tricks will help you use your thoughts to solve problems brilliantly, learn new things effectively, and generate incredible ideas while sleeping.

IQ Blast Pro Bonus

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Customers take IQ Blast Pro as their first choice for giving a chance to recover from memory loss gradually. Men and women have reduced leaky brain syndromes symptoms like instant memory loss, cognitive decline, and many more. It has no major complaints and supports the brain’s general health.

Steven R.

Even though I am well aware of the study and scientific accuracy, it still amazes me that, after eight grueling years, I am no longer experiencing bothersome confusion, brain fog, difficulty understanding basic concepts, or difficulty forming coherent thoughts.

Meghan F.

I couldn’t even figure out how much my groceries would cost, but after using this tool, I could easily file my taxes without a calculator.

Any Side Effects?

No! All IQ Blast Pro ingredients are pure, natural, safe, and effective and don’t deliver side effects. Besides, the supplement has been tested under the strictest quality standards and with precise quality controls.

It is free from chemicals, stimulants, artificial fillers, GMOs, and preservatives. Thus, you can preferably include it in your daily routines without hesitation.

Shipping Location Details

IQ Blast Pro is shipped to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Africa, and New Zealand.

Ideally, the shipping process takes 2-3 business days, and the transition will not be carried out on weekends or holidays.

Domestic clients receive package delivery generally within 5-8 business days. Other countries (international orders) usually take 2–3 weeks from the date of shipment.

Final Thoughts

Overall, IQ Blast Pro has maintained many positive reviews and customer testimonials. This is the only formula available to reverse decades of memory loss and brain-related health issues.

It works well for people of any age, and consistency is essential to absorbing its utmost perks. You can naturally alleviate leaky brain syndrome symptoms in less than a month from home.

Investing money in the breakthrough brain supplement makes every penny worthier and works more efficiently than harmful medicines.

Additionally, a 60-day money-back guarantee is also provided with the product to secure your payment. In that case, purchasing this dietary supplement is 100% risk-free for you, so don’t waste any more minutes.

IQ Blast Pro Price

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Frequency Asked Question

1. How Do I Use IQ Blast Pro?

Each container of IQ Blast Pro comes with 60 capsules, a full month’s supply. You can take a pill twice daily for at least 3 or 6 months to obtain the best results.

2. Can I Purchase IQ Blast Pro In Stores?

No, you can only purchase IQ Blast Pro online from our official website. This guarantees that you will get the real deal, with huge discounts or savings available on each pack.

3. How Long Does It Take To See Improvement In Memory Loss?

Some users experience noticeable improvements in memory and focus quite quickly, while others require longer. Because it is formulated only with the purest and most bioavailable form of the components, some prefer a 90- or 180-month supply to receive visible results within the end of the product supply.

4. Who Is Right For IQ Blast Pro?

IQ Blast Pro is for you if you often forget details, feel confused lately, or are worried about memory loss and cognitive decline as you age. With this aid handy, you can combat these problems more efficiently.

5. What If I’ve Doubt About Ordering?

No worries! You can clarify your doubts via or send a message using the Contact Us link on the official website. You will order the product in three options that suit your budget and requirements.


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