Dr. Joshua Levitt

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Dr. Joshua Levitt is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and Co-founder and medical director at UpWellness (upwellness.com). With this vast experience, he serves as the company’s main spokesperson and is responsible for marketing, customer service, and product development.

He also worked as a Doctor of naturopathy at Whole Health in Hamden, Connecticut, with extensive clinical knowledge of common and complicated medical cases.

He deeply invested in outreach and education to spread knowledge about natural medicine through developing products, consulting, and creating content in the natural health sector.

Generally, Dr. Levitt’s specialized training includes a UCLA degree in physiology, a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the esteemed Bastyr University, a formal residency in integrative medicine in Seattle, and more than 15 years of hands-on clinical experience with numerous patients, which has shaped his distinctive approach.

Dr. Levitt combines the healing abilities of natural medicine with the science of conventional medicine in his practice to develop a treatment plan that is truly the “best of both worlds.” 

He uses a special combination of nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, and physical medicine to treat various straightforward and complex medical issues.

About His Experience

Medical Director @ UpWellness

  • As the Medical Director at UpWellness since January 2014, the primary responsibility of the role held by Dr. Joshua Levitt is product formulation. He uses his extensive knowledge of natural medicine to create unique, high-quality products that help people to achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • Dr. Levitt is a prominent figure in the natural health sector thanks to his dedication to alternative medicine, product development, and education skills. Many people have gained optimal health and well-being thanks to his commitment to promoting natural health and wellness.

Naturopathic Physician, Medical Director @ Whole Health

  • As a naturopathic physician and Medical Director at Whole Health since March 2006, Dr. Joshua Levitt has spent over 17 years providing natural solutions for common and complex medical problems.
  • At Whole Health, Dr. Levitt offers his patients the natural solution drawing upon his extensive training and experience to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs.

Naturopathic Physician @ Natural Health Associates

  • Dr. Joshua Levitt was a naturopathic physician at Natural Health Associates from January 2003 to March 2006.
  • During this time, he provided natural healthcare solutions to his patients, focusing on holistic care that addressed the root causes of health issues.

Clinical Faculty @ University of Bridgeport

  • Dr. Joshua Levitt was a clinical faculty member at the University of Bridgeport’s School of Naturopathic Medicine from 2003 to 2006.
  • He is likely to work closely with a clinical faculty member to assist them in honing their clinical competencies and gaining practical experience in treating patients.

Naturopathic Physician @ Seattle Healing Arts

  • As a naturopathic physician and medical resident at Seattle Healing Arts from 2001 to 2003, the individual likely gained hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating patients using natural approaches to healthcare.
  • The Seattle Healing Arts Center provides a range of all-encompassing and holistic medical services, including naturopathy and psychotherapy.

Educational Background:

  • A thorough education in conventional and alternative medicine informs Dr. Joshua Levitt’s distinctive approach to natural treatment. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in physiology, from Bastyr University with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, and in Seattle with a formal residency in integrative medicine.
  • Dr. Levitt maintains a private practice in Connecticut and operates as a clinical preceptor for the Yale School of Medicine. He aids in educating incoming medical students about integrative medicine.

Why do Doctors and Health Leaders Trust Dr. Joshua Levitt?

Patients of Dr. Levitt laud him for his capacity to instruct, enthuse, and inspire them with tales and advice that empower them to take control of their health. His treatment strategy focuses on giving his patients the tools to participate in their recovery actively. Even most doctors and healthcare leaders trust Dr. Joshua Levitt. Still want to know more, then check out the official site (https://upwellness.com/about-us/)

  • First, Dr. Joshua Levitt begins by treating the neuropathy illness with no other harm to any of the patients.
  • To honor and strive to improve nature’s inherent capacity for healing
  • To try to deal with the basic root causes of illness.
  • To impart the values of preventive medicine and healthy living.

Dr. Joshua Levitt is a native of Hamden, Connecticut, United States of America. With more than 15 years of clinical knowledge, Dr. Levitt has worked with various patients, from those with straightforward medical issues to those with complex and long-term conditions. His special method combines conventional and alternative therapies to produce a successful treatment plan incorporating the best of both worlds. If you want to know more about him, then reach out to his profile through social media.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshualevittnd

Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/drjoshlevitt/

Upwellness: https://upwellness.com/team-members/dr-josh-levitt/

In the End!

As a licensed Naturopathic Physician and co-founder of UpWellness, Dr. Joshua Levitt has a passion for natural health and wellness.

He has significant clinical experience with common and complex medical cases, and his work involves product formulation, education, marketing, and customer service.

In complement to his clinical work, Dr. Levitt has written and produced numerous best-selling books, articles, and videos.

These accomplishments show his dedication to providing knowledge and products to help you reach your health and wellness objectives with the complete package of expertise in end-to-end knowledge in the neuropathy condition.

According to Dr. Levitt, he combines everyone’s health by combining the best aspects of conventional and natural medicine.

He is dedicated to continuing his work in product development, outreach, and education to show people the many advantages of natural medicine.