CoolEase Reviews

Premier Vitality’s CoolEase is a scientifically tested blend of five potent, all-natural ingredients designed to get rid of chronic body aches and pain.

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CoolEase Reviews

What Exactly is CoolEase?

CoolEase is a revolutionary pain relief gel that has been meticulously crafted to break your joints and body aches from the hidden pain trap with a simple and effective ’11-second solution.’ 

This gel is infused with a natural, proprietary, unique blend of 5 powerful nutrients, herbs, vitamins, antioxidant extracts, and minerals. This gel has been created especially to assist those experiencing chronic pain in all their joints and other body parts.

It is supported by research and clinical trial evidence to cooperate with the intent to maximize your blood flow, establishing an acid-base balance that encourages your body to recuperate at its best in getting rid of stiffness, discomfort, pains, and inflammation, providing the best possible regeneration environment for your body.

Tom Harris, with the team of Dr. Brad, has created this CoolEase formulation, which intends to go deeply into the knee joint and address underlying pain.

The application of this gel is comfortable and discrete because it is non-greasy and has no strong smell.

Furthermore, the special potency of natural substances in this formula promotes general joint health, reduces inflammation, and eases discomfort, making it a dependable option for anybody looking for complete relief from discomfort associated with the knee and other body parts.

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How does CoolEase work?

 Body aches and joint pain are common and serious illnesses affecting many people worldwide. It has been especially problematic for those over 40 because it might seriously limit their independence and movement.

Joint discomfort and other physical pains can be caused by a variety of factors, such as aging itself, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and trauma.

Fortunately, there are methods to help manage joint and body pain signs and symptoms, such as medication, therapies, and lifestyle changes.

CoolEase is a pain relief gel designed to deliver relief deep into your aching body and other parts. The natural herbal extract used in creating Premier Vitality CoolEase pain gel results in a very beneficial formulation for your health.

This pain relief cream is an efficient way to reduce joint pain since its formulations will be absorbed by your body and provide you with pain relief.

Also, this gel form is the easiest way to eliminate body pains and naturally helps heal joints and arthritis without the need for risky drugs or supplements.

It is also more efficient in reducing extreme pain and physical discomfort, and every component is essential and efficient at preventing aches and offering long-lasting relief.

Added Ingredients in CoolEase:

This gel’s powerful combination uses organic components that have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and body aches and relieve pain. A more detailed look at the components of CoolEase is as follows:

Arnica Montana Flower Extract:

It is an all-natural wonder remedy that relieves constricted blood flow to the afflicted pain areas’ muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and limbs. In addition to being used for skin safeguarding and therapy, it encourages optimal blood flow.

Arnica also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, and when applied immediately, it has the rare ability to diffuse into the circulation quickly.

It treats symptoms of ailments associated with limited blood supply to nerve endings and patient limbs, all the while instantly relieving your afflicted areas upon touch.

Vitamin E:

It is the body’s main lipid-soluble, chain-breaking antioxidant and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It is a necessary and crucial vitamin that your body longs for and supports overall pain-free wellness throughout the body.

Its antioxidant qualities contribute to your body’s non-acidic environment. Nonetheless, vitamin E shields the body and skin against harm brought on by free radicals. Additionally, it lessens inflammation, increases skin moisture, and enhances the look of scars.

Sunflower Oil:

Its strong linoleic acid concentration contributes to its anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful in lowering pain and swelling, especially those associated with arthritis and muscle aches.

Its unsaturated fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, and its anti-inflammatory qualities also elevate oxygenation and improve blood circulation.

Furthermore, the moisturizing qualities of sunflower oil, which support the preservation of skin moisture, are among its numerous quick benefits.


This organic substance offers prompt calming, cooling, and vascular route opening, instantly reducing discomfort in your body. Menthol uses its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties to ease even the most agonizing areas of your chronic pain.

It improves blood flow and oxygen delivery, which your body needs to maintain a balanced acidic environment and avoid the development of discomfort, pains, or soreness.

Three different processes, nitric oxide (NO), endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor (EDHF), and mechanisms depending on sensory nerves allow menthol to produce cutaneous vasodilation.

This indicates that menthol’s effects on blood arteries are complex, which plays a role in its vasodilatory properties.

Aloe Vera:

This ingredient is said to have analgesic qualities, which are especially beneficial in promoting healing from rips, sprains, and muscle tears. Aloe vera has the ability to alleviate injured regions while reducing inflammation and speeding up the body’s vascular system.


Merits of CoolEase:

Rapid Relief:

CoolEase cream offers swift and rapid relief from joint and muscle discomfort.

Deep Penetration:

In contrast to many other pain relief creams, a simple and residue-free application is guaranteed by the non-greasy nature of Premier Vitality CoolEase.

Long-Lasting Effect:

This pain relief cream’s unique blend offers long-lasting comfort and relief, so its benefits are not merely transient.

Targeted Action:

This targeted pain relief method is adaptable and may be used to relieve pain in various body spots, such as the knees, shoulders, back, hips, neck, and elbows.

Natural Ingredients:

It is made using a potent blend of organic components that have been shown in studies to decrease inflammation and ease pain effectively.

Money-Back Guarantee:

This product offers a 100% cash-back guarantee for 60 days.

Demerits of CoolEase:

  • This CoolEase pain relief gel is available only on the Premier Vitality official website.
  • Doing a patch test to rule out allergic reactions or skin sensitivities before using the cream on a broader region is strongly suggested.

How Much Does CoolEase Cost?

You can only get Premier Vitality CoolEase from its official website; it is not available on other websites. On the website, you can select the number of jars corresponding to the months you want to take the supplement from various boxes.

The manufacturer makes the choosing easy from three different jars based on your needs. Furthermore, you won’t ever be assessed additional costs for upgrades in the future, including no tax or membership fees.

30-day supply:

  • One bottle can be purchased for $69 + free shipping.

90-day supply:

  • Three bottles can be purchased for $59 per bottle (total: $177) + free shipping.

180-day supply:

People who use this gel are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with their purchase of Premier Vitality CoolEase for 60 days, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Customers have a set amount of time (typically 60 days) to contact customer service and request a refund if, for whatever reason, they are unhappy with the goods.

The team will then provide their entire money without posing any further queries. For all these details, be sure you read over the official website’s terms and conditions regarding the return policy.

How to Use CoolEase For Pain Relief?

Take advantage of Premier Vitality CoolEase’s convenience, which comes in jars containing a large 90ml each for a long-lasting supply.

The procedure for applying the gel is as follows: take a small or necessary amount and apply it straight to the painful area, whether it is the knees, back, shoulders, neck, hips, elbows, or any other place. Apply the gel to your knees and rub it in until completely absorbed.

Repeat this procedure up to three times a day as needed for best results or as directed by a healthcare professional. Moreover, regular and as-needed applications are essential to an efficient pain therapy routine, as consistency is key to maximizing the gel’s advantages.

Is CoolEase Legit?

CoolEase is well-known for its many health advantages and comes with 90 ml of full spectrum. This cream for healing and pain management is designed to absorb quickly.

Designed for individuals leading busy lives, it blends the potency of reliable herbs to soothe aching muscles and worn-out joints. Its quick-acting nature enables it to start working in a matter of minutes, offering immediate relief.

Fast absorption is the goal of this non-greasy composition, which guarantees optimal effectiveness.

Furthermore, independent five-panel lab evaluations have attested to the product’s quality and safety. In addition, this pain cream is GMP-certified, manufactured in the USA, and devoid of genetically modified organisms.

The manufacturer provides clients piece of mind with a 60-day warranty on this product.

CoolEase Customer Reviews

Final Words

In conclusion, considering the points mentioned above, you can consider it a remarkable pain relief cream that offers instant relief for individuals suffering from knee pain.

This gel can be used to deal with the pain that comes with age. It differs from other pain creams available in the market with its special combination of natural components and quick-acting composition.

Many people have found relief from pain after using this CoolEase pain relief cream. Even after all these benefits and relief procedures, if you do not witness any desirable change in your aches or pains, you can request a refund in 60 days.

Yes, the manufacturer provides a no-questions-asked, 60-day, 100% money-return policy. Don’t let your body pain or other discomforts limit your life! Reclaim your liberation with CoolEase gels.


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