Pharmacy is the health profession that links the science of drug action in living systems with the use of medicine in patients. The goal of pharmacy is the development and use of medicine to cure, prevent, or ease the symptoms of the disease. Pharmacists are the link between the science of pharmacy and the patient.

Pharmacists interpret prescriptions from physicians, then prepare and dispense the medications. They provide the physician and patients with information about the uses, effects, and interactions of medicines. They also assist patients in choosing nonprescription medicines and health products, and they may counsel a patient to seek the advice and treatment of a physician, dentist, or another health practitioner.

Pharmacists who own or manage community pharmacies may sell non-health-related merchandise, hire and supervise personnel, and oversee the general operation of the pharmacy. Some community pharmacists provide specialized services to help patients with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure. Some pharmacists are trained to administer vaccinations.


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