7 Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

From vitamins and minerals to dietary supplements, there’s a lot of information and even confusion to some extent about the best supplements to lower blood sugar levels naturally, especially for those who are diagnosed with diabetes.

While some supplements may claim to cure diabetes by cutting down on the body’s blood sugar levels, there is hardly any truth behind it though they may help with blood sugar management to a great extent.

Let us have a close look at the 7 best supplements to lower blood sugar naturally.

#1. Blood Sugar Optimizer

The top slot in the list of the 7 best supplements to lower blood sugar has Blood Sugar Optimizer written all over it. This blood sugar lowering supplement is best known for its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity as well as promote and maintain the healthy production of insulin. It is enriched with science-backed ingredients that support your blood vessels, heart, and nerves.

In addition to these advantages, Blood Sugar Optimizer can significantly reduce the absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates. It also helps in maintaining healthier blood sugar levels between meals. All in all, Blood Sugar Optimizer is an excellent choice for you if you want to maintain normal blood sugar levels sunup to sundown.

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#2. Glycemic Guard

Glycemic Guard from Life Extension is one of the best supplements to lower blood sugar. It contains Delphinol® maqui berry extract & Clovinol® clove extract that allow your body to maintain already-healthy levels of blood sugar, especially after mealtime when glucose levels tend to spike.

These highly potent ingredients positively impact glucose metabolism or the way our body tends to process sugars from food. This supports healthy glucose absorption and gut peptide signaling. In addition to these advantages, it is also beneficial to promote hemoglobin A1c levels and stimulate a healthy insulin response.

Glycemic Guard from Life Extension is considered to be an excellent choice for people who are experiencing reduced insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance with growing age. The recommended dose of Glycemic Guard from Life Extension is 1 capsule a day or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

#3. Glucocil® The Total Blood Sugar Optimizer

If you want to stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout the day, Glucocil® The Total Blood Sugar Optimizer can be an excellent choice for you. This clinically researched natural blood sugar supplement is a great option to support the body’s glucose management system while assisting you to maintain healthy fasting as well as post-meal blood sugar levels throughout the day.

The proprietary mulberry leaf extract in Glucocil helps significantly reduce the absorption of carbohydrates so that it is easy to maintain healthy blood sugar levels between meals. In addition to these advantages, Glucocil helps in minimizing the liver’s overproduction of glucose. Also, Glucocil shows unmatched efficacy to activate the insulin receptors of cells and enhance insulin sensitivity.

#4. Kyolic® Blood Sugar Balance

When it comes to naturally supporting healthy blood sugar levels, the efficacy of Kyolic® Blood Sugar Balance is unmatched. This synergistic blend supports immune and cardiovascular health and promotes overall well-being.

It contains 600mg of aged garlic extract powder along with a unique blend of Salacia, Bitter Melon extracts, Niacin, and Chromium Picolinate.

It is best consumed in two servings every day and supports healthy blood sugar levels, already within normal ranges. It is free from soy, gluten, sugar, dairy, sodium, yeast, GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Considered to be the most scientifically researched and highest quality garlic-based supplement, aged garlic extract powder makes it an excellent choice for people who want to lower blood sugar levels.

#5. Source Naturals® Vanadyl Sulfate

For decades, Vanadyl Sulfate has been an integral part of the supplementation programs of amateur and elite athletes across the world. It can be described as a form of the element vanadium that is vital for normal functioning and the development of cells in the body.

Research has suggested that Vanadyl Sulfate is highly effective to maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range thanks to its effects that are similar to that of insulin in the skeletal muscles, liver, and adipose tissue as it can also activate the transportation of glucose at the cellular level.

Source Naturals® Vanadyl Sulfate combines the vital functions to maintain healthy blood sugar levels when used daily as part of your diet. It is best taken in daily doses of 1 capsule, preferably with meals.

#6. ZAHLER® Diabetter™

Zahler’s Diabetter grabs the sixth spot in the list of the best 7 supplements to lower blood sugar in the body. It helps in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels and is formulated specially to maintain and support healthy blood sugar levels.

It is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and the list of ingredients includes Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Zinc, Manganese, and Chromium to name a few.

You need to take 6 capsules of it every day, preferably divided between two meals or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

#7. Berberine with InSea2®

If you are looking for a powerful and highly effective supplement to lower blood sugar levels, Berberine with InSea2® can be a good choice for you. It supports a healthy glycemic response and supports healthy blood glucose levels. It contains berberine, which is a naturally-occurring plant alkaloid that is usually used to support healthy blood glucose levels.

This supplement also includes InSea2®, a clinically studied blend of polyphenols that are derived from sustainably harvested, wildcrafted brown seaweed and has the potential of supporting a healthy and streamlined glycemic response to food.

It is highly recommended that you should purchase and use any supplement only after having a word with your doctor and after the doctor has carefully reviewed all of your medical history and reports. Under no circumstances, you should overdose or abuse these or any other supplements as they may lead to mild or severe side effects.

We hope that this guide on the 7 best supplements to lower blood sugar levels in the body was useful to you.

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